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_2017 holiday greetings_Iceland.  Magical. Light and color in an instant. Arctic-scapes reflect volcanic flow.
Old Norse descendants revel in tales of ancient times.


_Moscow on a cool and rainy May afternoon.
Passerbys are treated to imagery along a route_an unusual setting to view the arts.



_Judaica and bridal gowns at Israel’s Jaffa shuk. Take a leisurely lunch at a cafe nearby.



_A Sunday outing in Argentina’s Feria de San Telmo. Visitors and local alike soak up the atmosphere and tango to the beat of Buenos Aires.


_Punjabi man. Most likely from Amritsar_ Northern India. A visit to the Golden Temple, the most sacred of all shrines for Sikhs, is also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib.  



_On the heels of dh, bell, ottomans and nomads, all ensconced in the heat and dust of Petra_
triumphs and the crown jewel of Jordan reigns. 




_Southwestern France’s prehistoric dwellings from the Magdalenian period date back 15,000 years_at least.
Trek to the Salon Noir’s “cul-de-sac” in the Niaux Cave to view the amazing strokes of animal impressions.




  _Anywhere there is la playa. Señora toma el sol.


_Delving into Peruvian culture is a fascinating introduction to the study of an indigenous people.
A mix of Spanish colonial practices w
ith beliefs in Christianity and native religions.


_Werner’s Fitzcarraldo and the tale of rubber barons led to the exotic amazonas and it’s jungle capital Iquitos.
Shrouded stalls entice_try the delicacies and delights at the Belem marketo at the river’s edge.


_Dressed and tressed, and pretty in pink, Katherine stops for a quench of Red Bull.
It’s all aboard for the Anime Convention_Penn Station, NYC. 



_07 April 2014 /Arles France. Official opening of the Fondation with the exhibition Van Gogh Live!

_Dining out Chinois when in Paris is always a feast for the palate. Demandez aux habitants pour un sédusant!


_Rear Window. Fashion and couture through a glass darkly. Inspired by Hitch? Maybe. Captured along the Duomo di Napoli.



_Not far from Funchal, a bather is lost in the the eternal waters of Iberia’s Madeira island. 


_Lo Smarrito. In English, The Lost.
From my series Il Mare exhibited at the Mdina Cathedral Museum Art Biennale_Malta 2017


_Zanzibar Island. Also known as Unguja is lightly off the coast of Tanzania. Gorgeous, and alluring,

it is not to be ignored.  




_Holy cow. The sacred rite of worship by Hindus in India as it provides life-sustaining milk. Roaming free, it is protected by Indian law.

 _Embarked in Luxor. Ensconced in the Valley of the Kings_ after dusk the magic of Egypt begins.


_This island rich in culture affords the visitor many options. From north to south, Sardinia is a provocative fling. Sophisticated Cagliari is its capital while carefree and breezy ports await in the emerald seas of the Mediterranean. 


_Paris a la mode.From the Rue de Rennes to Rue Cambon, it’s one ginormous runway.