traveller_ carte postale

_2017 holiday greetings_Iceland.  Magical. Light and color in an instant. Arctic-scapes reflect volcanic flow.
Old Norse descendants revel in tales of ancient times.


_Moscow on a cool and rainy May afternoon. Passerbys are treated to imagery along a route_an unusual setting to view the arts.

_Judaica and bridal gowns at Israel’s Jaffa shuk. Take a leisurely lunch at a cafe nearby.

_A Sunday outing in Argentina’s Feria de San Telmo. Visitors and local alike soak up the atmosphere and tango to the beat of Buenos Aires.


_Punjabi man. Most likely from Amritsar_ Northern India. A visit to the Golden Temple, the most sacred of all shrines for Sikhs, is also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib.  

_On the heels of dh, bell, ottomans and nomads, all ensconced in the heat and dust of Petra_archeology triumphs and the crown jewel of Jordan reigns. 


_Southwestern France’s prehistoric dwellings from the Magdalenian period date back 15,000 years_at least. Trek to the Salon Noir’s “cul-de-sac” in the Niaux Cave to view the amazing strokes of animal impressions.


_Anywhere there is la playa. Señora toma el sol.

_Delving into Peruvian culture is a fascinating introduction to the study of an indigenous people.
A mix of Spanish colonial practices w
ith beliefs in Christianity and native religions.

_Werner’s Fitzcarraldo and the tale of rubber barons led to the exotic amazonas and it’s jungle capital Iquitos.
Shrouded stalls entice_try the delicacies and delights at the Belem marketo at the river’s edge.


_Dressed and tressed, and pretty in pink, Katherine stops for a quench of Red Bull.
It’s all aboard for the Anime Convention_Penn Station, NYC. 

_07 April 2014 /Arles France. Official opening of the Fondation with the exhibition Van Gogh Live!


_Dining out Chinois when in Paris is always a feast for the palate. Demandez aux habitants pour un sédusant!


_Rear Window. Fashion and couture through a glass darkly. Inspired by Hitch? Maybe. Captured along the Duomo di Napoli.

_Not far from Funchal, a bather is lost in the the eternal waters of Iberia’s Madeira island. 

_Lo Smarrito. In English, The Lost.
From my series Il Mare exhibited at the Mdina Cathedral Museum Art Biennale_Malta 2017

_Zanzibar Island. Also known as Unguja is lightly off the coast of Tanzania. Gorgeous, and alluring, it is not to be ignored.  


_Holy cow. The sacred rite of worship by Hindus in India as it provides life-sustaining milk. Roaming free, it is protected by Indian law.

_Embarked in Luxor. Ensconced in the Valley of the Kings_ after dusk the magic of Egypt begins.

_This island rich in culture affords the visitor many options. From north to south, Sardinia is a provocative fling. Sophisticated Cagliari is its capital while carefree and breezy ports await in the emerald seas of the Mediterranean. 

_Paris a la mode.From the Rue de Rennes to Rue Cambon, it’s one ginormous runway.  

_Le Metro. Latest count_12 million riders. While the city of light is waiting to be explored, parisians and tourists alike navigate this underworld via its labyrinthine of rails and transfers. Inaugurated in 1900, in celebration of the Paris World’s Fair, c’est rapide et facile a tour points.

 _Soy Cuba. Who are Cubans? A country of emigrees. Black. Brown. White. A misunderstood people with beautiful faces and a fierce determination in their bellies.

_Shaman or spiritual healer. Somewhere in the vast subcontinent of India_ perhaps on a street or at a railway station, Good energies. 

_Michelle. Model, fashion designer and friend / NYC.

_Homage to Goude. Designer extraordinaire.