“No standART”_ an exhibition. By Eugen Berlo

As founder and publisher of Arstler, the web-based fine and applied art magazine,I am proud to share that Renay Elle Morris, our editor of photographic and fine art development, is a participant in the 1st International Contemporary Women’s Art Biennale 2018_“No standArt” to be held at the Gelgaudiskis Manor in Lithuania from 12 October – 30 November. This exhibition, follows the success of The APS Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale in Malta in November of 2017, where Renay received a Grant for her photographic works based on the theme, The Mediterranean: A Sea of Conflicting Spiritualties.”

The 2018 event is organized and produced by The International Association & Foundation Anima Mundi together with associated partners VSI Holistinis Judejimo Teatras “S”and VSI “Gabrieles Meno Galerija” along with the Gelgaudiskis Manor and Gallery “Aukso Pjuvis.” The exhibition is under the artistic direction of Zita Vilutytė, founder and director of IAF Anima Mundi and an international committee presiding over the events and activities offered during the exhibition. IAF Anima Mundi maintains a platform honoring the idea of a better world through Cuture, Art, Science, and Education. Participation and membership details are listed on their website / iaf-animamundi.com.

“No standART,” will be presented in The Gelgaudiskis Manor, a neoclassical building as well as a national monument detailing an impressive history dating back to the 16thcentury. The exhibition is designed to showcase “storytelling” by women artists, inspired by the words of Marmon Leslie Silko’s personal story disclosed in her poem, “Ceremony.” It is an opportunity for artists in this exhibition to reveal their stories_ voiced in various artistic mediums.

“It is a great honor be a participant in this 1stWomen’s Art Biennale an to have my ideas and my story realized in the photographic medium. I want to thank all the directors and organizers for this recognition. As the only American artist in this exhibition, it is truly a great privilege to be in the company of a distinquished group of creative individuals chosen from multiple destinations around the globe.

The theme of the presentation, My Story, required great thought, and deep introspection. It led me to create work of a very private and personal nature, as well as to the discovery of the richness of knowing and acceptance of one’s being, which, I now treasure.”_ Renay Elle Morris

_my story / “self portrait”

_my story / “trust”


“_my story” _____________________

 what am I saying

to you about me?

two faces. 

gemini. janus.

maybe more.

i can’t be copied.

 easy does it here. 

don’t provoke. 

as I am intense.

dark and mysterious.

ethereal in nature.

i venture.

to what is exotic. 

otherworldly as evident.

immersed in antiquity.

ensconced in modernity.

blending visually into the two.

i can’t be copied.

 can’t be defined as one.

can you?

layer on layer I am. 

one face to another. 

one idea to another.

of whom I want to be. 

i can’t be copied.

can you?

_ renay elle morris

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